• Tire and TPMS Sensor

    We Replace & Program TPMS Sensor Wether you need a new tire or a tire repaired we can help. If your tire has picked up a nail or some other object we can fix it. We will look over your tire and repair it if it's not too worn damaged beyond repair. If you need a new one we have new and used tires in stock to replace yours.


    Modern Disk brake systems require maintenance every 15,000 to 25,000 miles depending on pads and driving habits. Not replacing worn pads can cause damage to your Rotor or Caliper which would increase the repair cost.

    NYS Inspections

    We are a NYS Inspection station and can issue you a new inspection while you wait.

  • For more information call (718) 848-6293

    Whenever your car is up for maintenance, let us take care of it

    101-21 94th Ave
    Ozone Park NY 11421

  • These guys are awesome! I've been taking my car here for the last 3 years and I've never had a problem. They are by far the cheapest shop around the area. The guys are very knowledgeable and they do great work I would highly recommend them

    Rating: Kal P.

  • Car service by highly specialized experts

    Our mechanics are experts in all aspects of your vehicle. We cover Electrical, mechanical and computer issues that come up which require service.

    Don't bring your car to a shop where teenagers are hired to work on your car.

    Inexperienced workers can do more damage to your car than good.

    Our team of workers are fully qualified and have many years of experience.

  • Your car is up for service? Let us do the job!

    Maintaining your vehicle so it wont let you down when you need it requires proper care and attention from our skilled tech staff. At D&Y Auto Repair we will provide you will proper service where and when you need it. Proper maintenance of the battery, brakes, cooling fluid, brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are essential to keeping your vehicle in good running order.

    • For Heating and Cooling we will check your radiator coolant level and refrigerant pressure.
    • Brakes inspected for pad wear and rotor wear. Vehicles which have drum breaks are checked for drum and shoe ware.
    • Electronic diagnostics of your vehicle will bring up potential problems and help us to detect issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.
    • Proper Tire and Suspension System maintenance is most important to keep you safe on the road. So many accidents are due to poor Tire condition or problems with the suspension system. Tires should be replaced when worn so you can be sure you vehicle will hug the road. Replacing worn Struts and checking tie rods along with other steering and suspension parts is very important when needed.

    Bring you vehicle to us when you have problems and we will give you a price quote and a date as to when you can bring it in for repairs. We use only new parts for repairs unless a budget restraint and a request by the client requires the use of rebuilt parts.

    All repairs done quickly on our premises.

    D & Y Auto Repair offers a wide variety of auto repair services, including:

  • ·         AC system
    ·         Alignment
    ·         Alternators
    ·         Axles
    ·         Battery
    ·         Belts
    ·         Brakes
    ·         Check Engine light & other warning lights
    ·         CV joints
    ·         Electrical
    ·         Engine

  • ·         Filters
    ·         Hoses
    ·         NYS inspections
    ·         Lights
    ·         Mirror
    ·         Oil change
    ·         Radiator
    ·         Starter
    ·         Steering
    ·         Suspension
    ·         Tires
    ·         Water pumps

  • How to find us

    101-21 94th Ave
    Ozone Park NY 11421

    (718) 848-6293

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