• Tires and Wheel Alignment

  • Should you repair or replace your tire?

    1. If your tire is running out of tread and has a flat surface If you can see the metal coming out of your tires it is already too late.
    That means that you should stop driving immediately because it is very dangerous.
    The idea is never let get to that point. We recommend you to change your tires every 40.000 miles.
    D&Y Auto Repair offers you a free check, so you can know exactly how bad your tires are and when you should change it.
    Also, when the tire has no tread it means that it has nothing protecting it, so if the wheel hits against something then the rim could bend.
    2. When you see cracks in the tire – This means that the tire is too dry and can rip apart.
    These cracks can appear anywhere on the tire.
    3. If you see a bump on the tire – Bumps can happen by hitting a pot hole a curb or over inflating the tire.
    If the bump on your tire hits something again, then the whole tire can blow up.
    This is the most dangerous thing to drive with. The bumps can appear on the side of the tire or on the tread. If its on the tread then you can feel bumps while your driving. If its on the side, it can last a little while, unless you don’t hit something.

    If you want to stop buy and ask a question or even for a free check on your wheels, tires or alignment, you are more than welcome!

    Wheel alignment is very important for safety and proper tire wear.
    A misaligned front end can cause pulling to one side which can be dangerous.
    It can also cause vibrations which can be felt on your steering wheel as you are driving.
    Last it can cause uneven wear on your tires. Tires are expensive and poor alignment can cause tires to wear out quickly.
    Wheel alignment must be done when you replace your tires or when you notice any pulling or vibrations.
    Our mechanics can examine and test drive your car to determine if alignment is required.

  • Check your tires when ever you plan a long trip.

    Check your tires every month or so.

    If you see a tire warning light on your dash board do no ignore it.

    Don't allow your tires to get so worn else this can happen to you