• Steering System

  • Modern cars use power assisted steering which like power brakes only works when the engine is on.

    Pumps are used to help turn the wheels using the fluid which under pressure is directed to push one way or another depending on the turn of the steering wheel.

    This is a hydraulic system where the belt driven pump is now being replace by electric motors on newer cars.

    The newer electric system uses a computer that controls the motor to assist in steering.

    Unlike the pump system this newer computer controlled system can also have a computer monitor road speed so has to provide the right amount of assist depending on need. That allows a driver to feel more comfortable driving at higher speeds due to feeling that he has better control of the car.

    If your car has the older pump driven hydraulic system the things that can go wrong are as follows:

    A bad belt or low power steering fluid can cause loss of power or noise when you turn your wheel all the way to one side.

    If the problem is loss of steering fluid then a leak in the fluid lines or in the pump maybe the cause.

    For electrical power steering systems that stopped working the problems can be as simple as a bad fuse.

    Of course the motor can fail much the same as a power window motor which if you even had one go bad on you can work at times and then stop working. This intermittent behavior is due to faulty brushes which ware out over time and have trouble making contact to the motor contacts.

    The computer can also fail causing many different problems that will effect the steering of your car.

    If you are having problems of any kind with your steering come in and we will diagnose the problem and let you know what needs to be adjusted or replaced.