• Air Conditioning

  • If your air conditioner is not getting cold enough or has stopped working we can repair it.
    In most cases it's due to low refrigerant levels and a recharge maybe is all you need.
    We will check your system and determine what is wrong with it.
    In most cases over a long period of time refrigerant levels may drop.
    But if a recharge of the refrigerant level has dropped in a short time then you will almost certainly have a leak which we can repair for you.

    The basic things that go wrong in a modern auto air conditioner are as follows:

    1. The Compressor Belt is loose or broken.

    2. The refrigerant level is low.

    3. The Compressor has worn out.

    4. The evaporator core is clogged

    5. The Ventilation fan is not working.

    6. The condenser maybe clogged or blocked.

    7. Radiator Fan maybe not working proper.

    6. Evaporator valve maybe not working proper.

    We will diagnose the problem and let you know exactly what is wrong.