• Brakes

  • If you see a light on your dash or if your brakes are making noise when you step on the brake pedal you may need service.
    Ignoring these warnings will increase the repair cost quite a bit.
    Most cars today use Disc brakes which require changing the brake pads every 30,000 miles.
    Some pads may last longer and some may wear out in as little as 20,000 miles.
    This depends on type of pads and on driving habits of the person.
    Break pads may have sensors which are either mechanical or electrical.
    Mechanical break sensors are a piece of metal that is exposed when the pads are worn down.
    Newer cars have electrical sensors built into the pad which will of course light up the break warning light.
    If your car has had the pads changed many times then the rotors may also need to be changed.

    Some cars may have drum brakes for the rear brakes.
    Car companies switched to disc brakes as they were more reliable especially in bad weather.
    But we still have car companies using drum breaks on SUVs and small trucks.
    Drum breaks last longer but also need attention and if ignored can cause damage to the drum.
    Replacing shoes is not expensive but replacing a drum can cost quite a bit.

    If your brake warning light is on but pads or break shoes are fine then you will need us to determine the problem.
    This can be a bad sensor, bad calipers, a bad master cylinder or a leaking break line.