• Testimonials

  • These guys are awesome! I've been taking my car here for the last 3 years and I've never had a problem. They are by far the cheapest shop around the area. The guys are very knowledgeable and they do great work I would highly recommend them

    Rating: Kal P.

  • On one sunny mild Saturday January, my family and I came to D&Y for an inspection of our car's tires health. The mechanic discovered two nails imbedded into one rear tire which were removed carefully and patched with tar. In addition, air were also pumped to replinish what was lost from the nails. Service was minimal decent while we wait for approx. twenty minutes at a fee of $20.00. I rate D&Y Auto Repair three stars as there is no seating for patrons to sit/wait indoors for their car to be serviced. We were shunned out to the bitter cold. The mechanic and sales person were dismissive to us, particularly to women, probably we are not mechanically inclined. Now, if there only a repair shop to fix broken hearts!

    Rating: Melissa Allen

  • This is an absolutely perfect car service place. If I knew about this garage before, I would have saved so much money but more importantly: so much time. This was absolutely the quickest service I've ever experienced. I was waiting for my yearly vehicle inspection while drinking a cup of coffee and was able to drive away within just under an hour.

    Rating: John Tucker