• Electrical Diagnosis

  • If you check engine light is showing on your dashboard you may have a failure of some sort or it may only be a sensor that has failed.

    We are experts in diagnosing problems of this type. Using the latest tools to analyze your car we can determine exactly what the problem is.  Tools such as a ODB II or a more powerful Diagnostic Scanner Analysis computer connect to your car to read the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) from your cars Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

    From these trouble codes we can identify the sensor reporting the problem and from there determine whether your problem is the sensor or a mechanical problem.

    In addition to the more complex computer problems we can also fix your common electrical problems such as shorts, defective window motors, defective switches, battery replacement and other electrical problems that come up.

    Typical errors indicators are abs, srs, awd or vsc.

    These stand for:

    abs - Anti-lock braking system

    srs - supplemental restraint system or Air Bag

    awd - All wheel drive

    vsc - Vehicle Stability Control

    If you have any of these we can trouble shoot it and determine the solution.
    Having extensive experience with the latest computer systems used in today's cars you are in good hands with us.